Law, Policy, People, and Stop-and-Frisk

Stop and Frisk in Brownsville, Brooklyn:
Residents Question a Police Tactic

I have blogged about Donald Trump‘s support for the NYPD use of stop, question, and frisk as a national model. Please watch this 2010 report about the law, policy, people, and stop-and-frisk in Brownsville. Do cops issue tickets in part to make money for their municipalities? Will Trump adopt a stop-and-frisk policy for Muslims in order to create the national database he promised? When does public cynicism influence policy? To borrow the words of Benjamin Franklin, should Americans give up some of their liberty to get a little temporary safety? Read more

The Right To Be Left Alone v. Stop and Frisk

“Stop and Frisk” As National Policy?

State and federal law protect individuals from unreasonable government intrusion. Thus, “stop and frisk” is an exception to the law, not the general rule. The no-nonsense tough-talk appearance of a national stop and frisk policy might appeal to some people. But the right to be left alone is more important—and that’s no bull! It is the law. Consequently, judges, prosecutors, and defense lawyers take it seriously. Read more