Frustration and loss of personal control can occur before the filing of criminal charges. But those feelings can pale in comparison to the loss of freedom and control when police get involved. Instead of justice, the system will seem like it is stacked against you. Confusion coupled with the stress of a criminal prosecution, the penalties, and other life altering consequences can seem overwhelming.

Fight For Your Freedom

Your fight for freedom starts with hiring an attorney. Michael Smolensky, Esquire, has stood up and fought for clients charged with various crimes for over a decade. Attorney Smolensky can help you begin to regain and keep control while representing you with solid trial and advocacy skills. Mr. Smolensky can respresent you in cases including but not limited to:

  • Drug Crimes – A drug crime can entail jail time and heavy fines. If they want to come after you for drug or paraphernalia crimes, then you are going to want to fight back. No matter the substance they say was involved, Mr. Smolensky will represent you. 
  • Gun and Weapon Crimes – New Jersey government does not like the Second Amendment. For crimes involving weapons, they will want to lock you up for years and prevent you from protecting yourself and others when you get out. Mr. Smolensky can defend you and fight for your future.
  • Violent Crimes – A conviction for murder, robbery, carjacking, racketeering, strict liability drug induced death, and other violent crimes means they can send you to prison and keep you there for decades. If they want to do that to you, then you will want an attorney with experience to fight for you like Mr. Smolensky.
  • Property Crimes – A charge for theft, shoplifting, trespassing, burglary, and arson, among others, can result in jail time, high fines, restitution, and other penalties. If they come after you with any of these charges, protect yourself and what is yours by hiring an experienced attorney like Mr. Smolensky. 
  • Sex Crimes – In addition to long prison sentences, sex crime convictions carry Megan’s Law requirements like community supervision and notification for life. Your reputation, your rights, and your freedom are at stake. With all this on the line, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney. Mr. Smolensky will fight for you.
  • DWI/DUI and Refusal – Don’t risk losing your freedom because you drove when they say you shouldn’t have. Mr. Smolensky can help you based on his experience representing clients charged with DWI/DUI and Refusal for over a decade.       
  • Ordinances – Trenton politicians are not the only people passing laws to restrict your freedom to do what you want. Towns enact ordinances with expensive fines and lengthy jail sentences.

Assert Control

Criminal cases require an aggressive lawyer who knows the court. With years of experience in New Jersey, attorney Michael Smolensky will fight to protect your rights. For your confidential consultation, call now—(856) 812-0321