Adults in New Jersey enjoy the right to possess and consume marijuana and alcohol. Of course, no one anticipates the red and blue lights in the rear view mirror, a traffic stop, or an arrest. The cops like to start by asking intrusive questions, and then they insist your speech is slurred, your eyes are bloodshot, and you reek of alcohol. They try to claim you could not maintain your lane of travel while you drove erratically. Finally, they decide you failed roadside tests, take you back to the station in handcuffs, put you on an Alcotest, and file charges for Drunk Driving, Refusal, and related motor vehicle offenses.

DWI/DUI/Refusal Penalties

Reeling from the magnitude of the charges, the consequences include, but are not limited to, thousands of dollars in fines and surcharges, jail, license forfeiture, license points on companion tickets, community service, time and money for mandatory Intoxicated Driver’s Resource Center attendance and aftercare, insurance eligibility points, increased motor vehicle insurance costs, license plate restrictions, and other penalties.

Extensive Municipal Court Experience

Having an experienced attorney when you are facing consequences of magnitude can make the difference. New Jersey attorney Michael Smolensky has defended clients accused of DWI, Refusal, and other related offenses for over a decade because the government must also obey the law when it accuses citizens of breaking it. Mr. Smolensky’s extensive experience includes:

  • Stops, Searches, Seizures, & Arrests
  • Interrogations
  • Evidence Discovery
  • Alcotest Analysis
  • Defense Investigations
  • Pretrial Negotiations
  • Motion Practice
  • Hearings
  • Sentencings

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