Shoplifting, N.J.S.A. 2c:20-11

shoplifting, 2c20-11Police in Upper Township are looking for a man who they claim took merchandise but did not pay. Based on alleged video surveillance from a Cape May County Acme, workers reported the shoplifting, per nj dot com. The items allegedly include more than $570 in Red Bull, diapers and baby formula, per nj dot com. Additionally, cops believe the same suspect shoplifted more than $250 of Red Bull from a Marmora ShopRite, per nj dot com.
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Definitions For Shoplifting in New Jersey

Definitions for Shoplifting

definitions for shoplifting, New Jersey, N.J.S.A. 2c:20-11These definitions for shoplifting apply to these terms:

Shopping cart means those push carts commonly provided by grocery stores, drug stores or other retail mercantile establishments for the use of the public in transporting commodities in stores and markets and, incidentally, from the stores to a place outside the store.

Store or other retail mercantile establishment means a place where merchandise is displayed, held, stored or sold or offered to the public for sale.
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