Definitions For Shoplifting in New Jersey

Definitions for Shoplifting

definitions for shoplifting, New Jersey, N.J.S.A. 2c:20-11These definitions for shoplifting apply to these terms:

Shopping cart means those push carts commonly provided by grocery stores, drug stores or other retail mercantile establishments for the use of the public in transporting commodities in stores and markets and, incidentally, from the stores to a place outside the store.

Store or other retail mercantile establishment means a place where merchandise is displayed, held, stored or sold or offered to the public for sale.

Merchandise means any goods, chattels, foodstuffs or wares of any type and description, regardless of the value thereof.

Merchant means any owner or operator of any store or other retail mercantile establishment, or any agent, servant, employee, lessee, consignee, officer, director, franchisee or independent contractor of such owner or proprietor.

Person means any individual or individuals, including an agent, servant or employee of a merchant where the facts of the situation so require.

Conceal means to conceal merchandise so that, although there may be some notice of its presence, it is not visible through ordinary observation.

Full retail value means the merchant’s stated or advertised price of the merchandise.

Premises of a store or retail mercantile establishment means and includes but is not limited to, the retail mercantile establishment; any common use areas in shopping centers and all parking areas set aside by a merchant or on behalf of a merchant for the parking of vehicles for the convenience of the patrons of such retail mercantile establishment.

Under-ring means to cause the cash register or other sale recording device to reflect less than the full retail value of the merchandise.

Antishoplifting or inventory control device countermeasure means any item or device designed, manufactured, modified, or altered to defeat any antishoplifting or inventory control device.

Organized retail theft enterprise means any association of two or more persons who engage in the conduct of or associate for the purpose of effectuating the transfer or sale of shoplifted merchandise.

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