Loitering to Obtain or Distribute CDS, N.J.S.A. 2c:33-2.1

loitering to obtain or distribute cds, njsa 2c:33-2.1, Smack, H, Tar, Chiba or Chiva, Junk, Brown Sugar, Junk, Skag, Mud, Dragon, Dope, White, China White, White Nurse, White Lady, White Horse, White Girl, White Boy, White Stuff, Boy, He, Black, Black Tar, Black Pearl, Black Stuff, Black Eagle, Brown, Brown Crystal, Brown Tape, Brown Rhine, Mexican Brown, Mexican Mud, Mexican Horse, Snow, Snowball, Scat, Sack, Skunk, Number 3, Number 4, Number 8, 3750, 420, 51, A-bomb, Acapulco gold, Acapulco red, Ace, Afgani indica, African, African black, African bush, African woodbine, Airhead, Airplane, Alice B. 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lady, Wicky, Wicky stick, Wollie, Woo blunts, Woola blunt, Woolah, Woolas, Woolie, Woolie blunt, Woolies, Wooly blunts, Wooties, X, Yeh, Yellow submarine, Yen pop, Yeola, Yerba, Yerba mala, Yerhia, Yesca, Yesco, Zacatecas purple, Zambi, Zay, Zig Zag man, Zol, Zooie, ZoomGloucester Township police arrested 13 people after a two-month “drug house” investigation, per patch dot com. But apparently the house was actually an apartment, not a house. Indeed, detectives and the Gloucester Township Police Special Response Team (SWAT) executed a search warrant at the Fairways Apartment Complex. While at the scene investigating, police arrested 10 people with loitering to obtain or distribute CDS. Additionally, the cops charged three primary suspects with more serious crimes after they seized:

  • over 250 bags of alleged heroin,
  • a quantity of alleged marijuana,
  • a quantity of alleged fentanyl patches,
  • 118 alleged prescription pills,
  • and over $12,000 in cash.

Loitering to Obtain or Distribute CDS, N.J.S.A. 2c:33-2.1

New Jersey law defines Loitering to Obtain or Distribution CDS as a person, whether on foot or in a motor vehicle, who

  1. wanders, remains or prowls in a public place with the purpose of unlawfully obtaining or distributing a controlled dangerous substance or controlled substance analog; and
  2. engages in conduct that, under the circumstances, manifests a purpose to obtain or distribute a controlled dangerous substance or controlled substance analog.

The element of the offense described in paragraph (1) may not be established solely by proof that the actor engaged in the conduct that is used to satisfy the element described in paragraph (2).

Conduct Showing a Purpose to Obtain or Distribute CDS

Conduct that may, where warranted under the circumstances, be deemed adequate to manifest a purpose to obtain or distribute a controlled dangerous substance or controlled substance analog includes, but is not limited to, conduct such as repeatedly:

  1. Beckoning to or stopping pedestrians or motorists in a public place;
  2. Passing objects to or receiving objects from pedestrians or motorists in a public place;
  3. Circling in a public place in a motor vehicle and on one or more occasions passing any object to or receiving any object from a person in a public place.


As used in this section public place means any place to which the public has access, including but not limited to a public street, road, thoroughfare, sidewalk, bridge, alley, plaza, park, recreation or shopping area, public transportation facility, vehicle used for public transportation, parking lot, public library or any other public building, structure or area.

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