Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, N.J.S.A. 2c:21-6(h)

fraudulent use of credit card, N.J.S.A. 2c:21-6hClayton cops claim a pair tried and failed to use someone else’s credit card at an Acme store. But then they went to Walgreen’s. And they succeeded, per the news. Additional use of the card, however, failed. Consequently, for this fraudulent use of credit card investigation, the cops want the public’s help to identify them.

The photo here has nothing to do with the news story. I wrote this while watching Family Guy. It was when Meg got the mumps at the Star Trek convention. During her recovery, Kirk Cameron persuaded her to become a Born Again Christian. Along the way, Brian confided in the Griffins that he is an atheist because no one had shown him evidence of God. In a way, he felt religion was a fraud. And now, without further ado…

Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, N.J.S.A. 2c:21-6(h)

A person who knowingly uses any counterfeit, fictitious, altered, forged, lost, stolen or fraudulently obtained credit card to obtain money, goods or services, or anything else of value; or who, with unlawful or fraudulent intent, furnishes, acquires, or uses any actual or fictitious credit card, whether alone or together with names of credit cardholders, or other information pertaining to a credit card account in any form, is guilty of a crime of the third degree.

Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Definitions

Credit card means any tangible or intangible instrument or device issued with or without a fee by an issuer that can be used, alone or in connection with another means of account access, in obtaining money, goods, services or anything else of value on credit, including credit cards, credit plates, account numbers, or any other means of account access.

Cardholder means the person or organization named on the face of a credit card to whom or for whose benefit the credit card is issued by an issuer.

Fraudulent Use of Credit Card, Penalties

State Prison: three to five years
Fines: $15,000 or ……
Victims of Crime Compensation Assessment: $100.00 to $10,000.00
Safe Neighborhood Services Fund Assessment: $75.00
Law Enforcement Officers Training & Equipment Fund: $30.00
DNA Sample
Court Costs

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