Plea Cut Off, Rule 3:9-3

plea cut off, R. 3:9-3, rules governing the courts of the state of new jersey, rules of court, pretrial procedureA news item reminds me of a case where my client entered a negotiated plea after plea cut off.1

Millville cops investigating the alleged theft of wooden pallets from a local business have solicited the public’s assistance. The department shared security camera footage and photos on its Read more

Theft By Unlawful Taking, N.J.S.A. 2c:20-3

poinsettiasThis Christmas, a Gloucester County woman gave her boyfriend the gift of theft by unlawful taking charges, per the news. He will probably reciprocate by renewing his online dating profile. But anything is possible.

On Christmas Eve, she reported numerous gifts stolen from her vehicle to Williamstown police. Additionally, she told the cops the new gifts had disappeared sometime in the middle of the night. Furthermore, all the items came from the same store and included gifts for her child, per the media.

Subsequently, the cops charged the boyfriend with theft by unlawful taking. He allegedly removed the items from Read more

Definitions for Theft and Related Offenses

Definitions for TheftThis post provides definitions for theft and related offenses under New Jersey law, unless a different meaning plainly applies.

Deprive means: (1) to withhold or cause to be withheld property of another permanently or for so extended a period as to appropriate a substantial portion of its economic value, or with purpose to restore only upon payment of reward or other compensation; or (2) to dispose or cause disposal of the property so as to make it unlikely that the owner will recover it.

Fiduciary means an executor, general administrator of an intestate, administrator with the will annexed, substituted administrator, Read more